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An on time departure this morning, perhaps a few minutes early even.  The first part of the drive through the rest of North Dakota was again, flat as a pancake, and boring.  Once entering Minnesota the landscape finally changed to trees, but relatively still flat, but gave me something to look at.  Thru the Chippewa National Forest, over the Mississippi and St. Louis rivers.  I feel like we crossed a few hundred railroad tracks, and bridges across the 1000 lakes.

One of the first hills in days, was an 11% downgrade in Duluth, which (city) is a heck of a lot bigger than I would have thought.

I was finding 94 octane gas in Canada, oddly at the no name, non-chain stations, but since I’ve entered the Mid-West, 91 only…. grrrrr

I thought Canada had the US hands down on the big rigs, 34 wheels was pretty standard up north, but arriving in Marquette, MI Mickey swears he counted 46 in the dark, and we all know he can’t count……  My due diligence on the random city between Minot, and Rochester wasn’t as thorough as it should have been.  The town had 3-5 CABIN motels, totaling maybe 100 rooms put together, with a restaurant and bar between 5-20 miles pending incoming or outgoing of the city(?)  (Covington, MI)

Shout out to Kelly in Marquette @Portside for taking care of us!

Video and some sunset photos to come.

Posted on November 9th 2015 in Posts

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