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Goodbye to the Coopers, and Canada today.  Was great hanging with them this past week!

Enter ‘Murica

The drive was pretty gosh darn boring, as it’s just flat, more flat, with a side of flat for miles.  There was a pretty nasty accident that shutdown both sides of the highway,  where both sides were on the shoulder from the emergancy vehicles in the main lanes.  One neat thing though, were some bird flying North.  By some, I mean ~100,000, that spanned several miles littering the sky in funky geometric V/triangles.  Entering the border, was little goofy.  We were questioned for 15ish minutes (I’ll have to check the footage) and all the doors were opened and slight rummaging through occurred.

Shout out to the PVI ladies for keeping Kage company last night, and celebrating her Birfday.


Time Lapse Video

Posted on November 8th 2015 in Posts

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