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Last night was a blast.  Got to hang out with some of Mattias’s hockey parents, at a VIP section of the Bar.  Very nice people!  Shout out to Eric, Monique, and Dave.  Went to the “Beer Hunter” and got my arse handed to me in Golden Tee by Cam, but redeemed myself in Foosball with the locals, despite the modded Tornado table with missing side rails.

Today has been fun.  My nuts have been torqued for the drive home.  Ran over to the neighbors to see the days kill (120lbs deer) be cleaned in the garage, and shot the shit with the neighbors.  Another stellar meal prepared mainly by Mickey, but we all pitched in and contributed a portion to the 3 hours of eating.  Karin hooked me up with a neck massage in prep for the next portion of the drive.  Taking off early-ish for Minot, ND or perhaps a tad further depending how we feel.


Posted on November 8th 2015 in Posts

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