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Project N.A.M.B: a2a/p2p is planned.  (North America’s My Bitch: Arctic to Atlantic/ Prudhoe to Portland, ME.  Different route home, through the Great Lakes, and UP.  4 new winter tires are getting put on tomorrow by a friend of the Coppers, to replace the dead (un-patchable) tire.  Trying to keep things consistent, as this was the final season on my current tires anyway.

Route looks like this so far:
Edmonton     Minot        738
Minot            Covington 666
Covington     Rochester  791
Rochester     Portland    492
Portland       Nokesville  581

A fantastic dinner is being whipped up by Mickey tonight.  Can’t wait to NOM it down!  It’s Thursday, so a shout out to my GN friends!

Posted on November 5th 2015 in Posts

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