20151028 Update 2

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So the packing has begun for our trip to Prudhoe Bay (proo-ho) tomorrow.  Mickey arrives at FIA @00:15.  We’re getting an early start tomorrow, and it’ll certainly be dark for the first few hours.  Items I’ve observed/helped Kenny pack:

10 gallons fuel (there is nothing past Coldfoot, which is 254miles in of 500)
5 gallons water
Shotgun and shells for bears
Wind blocking tarp
Satellite Phone
Full spare tire
Some emergency box, we hope to never open

In addition we each have a plastic bin, mine contains:
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Change of clothes in case I get wet
Basic toiletries, including my Tattoo cream
Food for 48 hours
My JetBoil
My Camera’s (mounted in the Car)
Winter Jacket, Pants, Gloves

Sure, I have read what’s in the “MilePost 2015” about the Dalton Highway, but I still don’t know what to expect.  Have to admit I’ma tad nervous.

Special shout out to The Marlin for taking care of us this week; as well as Griff Rogers, for a Happy Birfday tomorrow (since I won’t be calling anyone for 2 days)

Apparently there is a “last spruce tree” at some point during the trip before the official tundra begins.  It’s supposedly commemorated with a plaque, but time and tourists have taken it’s toll, so photo pending I guess.

Kenny seems very excited about the whole thing, and R-E (his wife) is sad she hasn’t been to “The Slope” as they call it here, in quite a while.

Into the Tundra we go…….

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