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Been a couple busy days in Alaska.  I’ve been around town, met some very nice people, and enjoyed dinner/drinks/convo’s with them all.  Stopped in at the:

Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center, and got to see the history/making of the pipeline, and the history of the native Athabaskans (spelling really depends on the time in which you refer to when people walked the Bering Strait)
Today was my tattoo, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Took about an hour and 20 minutes, and I really can’t say it hurt at all.  More of a burning feeling than anything else  IMG_20151027_121600
Kenny and I got to geek out a little together and play with some virtualization stuff.  We’re prepping for the trip to Prudhoe Bay which we leave for Thursday morning.  Nice and early too…. The roads this time of year are quite shite and it’s not a fast (Sage style drive)!  There will be no jumping in the Arctic Ocean as it’s closed for guests due to temps.  I’m not terribly disappointed in this as, I’m a shivering Chihuahua these days already up here at times.  Kenny sent me out for dinner pickup this evening, while he picked up Axel from daycare.  He drew me a map and everything, but I gotta hand it to VW’s updated GPS maps.  *knock on wood* but I’ve gotten everywhere I need thus far.  I promise pics of the Woods’s and their spruce built home.  Evening quadcopters have become a nightly thing, and my Holy Stone seems to be the best crowd pleaser!  Cam, Mattais, and Kenny love it!
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