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Nokesville, VA to Fairbanks, AK and beyond.  Current stats looks like this:

Day 1   804    Rockford, IL
day1-stats day1-chart
Day 2    864    Minot, ND
day2-stats day2-chart

Day 3    743    Edmonton, AB           Minot, ND
day3-statsday3-chartReturnDay4returnday4-stats returnday4-chart

Day 4    Rest                                       Chillin with the Coopers

Day 5    637    Fort Nelson               Edmonton
day5-statsday5-chartReturnDay3returnday3-chart returnday3-stats

Day 6    595    Whitehorse                Fort Nelson
day6-statsday6-chartReturnDay2day2return-chart day2return-stats

Day 7    595    Fairbanks                   Whitehorse
day7-stats day7-chartReturnDay1 day1return-chart day1return-stats

To Prudhoe (D’oh Forgot)
Return Prudhoe

Special thanks in general to the following makers of products I’m using for the journey

golf_r 2013 VW Golf R w/ stage 2+ via NGP

cansonic  UDV-888

wasp TACT camera

bridgestone Blizzak LM-80

TireRack  Blizzak LM-32 Full Spare

v1_logo  V1

cobra  HH-38-WX-ST

jetboil Quick hot water and fuel

mh  Food… nom

moonstone  Sleeping bag I’ve had for 10+ years and never let me down

merrell  Boots… too many miles to count!

rockstar  Keeping me awake


Posted on October 6th 2015 in RoadTrip

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